“I hope for a day when there is a zoneologist in every home”  Jeanne Harold

Strengthen You and Your Family’s Immune System

With all the viruses and diseases we are facing today we recommend you fortify your immune system with some of the basic supplements needed on a regular basis. These essential nutrients and vitamins are typically not enough with the standard diet so supplementing on a regular basis, especially our children can help protect you and…

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I have known Jeanne Harold for many years and have had the privilege of receiving several zoning treatments from her. I find this a very reliable therapy and must admit I was very surprised on my first visit that she correctly identified a problem I had suffered from years ago, where only scar tissue remained. I believe with the millions of nerve fibers that exist in the feet and their relative connection to body meridians throughout the entire body, it is completely possible to render a positive stimulating influence through the zoning technique to anywhere else in the body. I have no problem referring my patients for further care at her hands.

Dr. Jack Stockwell, DC

About 16 years ago I started becoming interested in natural healing and natural medicine. I was trying to figure out “what” I wanted to go to school for… Massage Therapy, Acupuncture, Homeopathy…. I was interested in them all. A good friend Diana, who still lives near me, had gone through the courses and somehow we reconnected and she gave me my first treatment. I KNEW IMMEDIATELY that it was what I wanted to learn. It was so profound and so complete, absolutely AMAZING. I then took the courses and was even more amazed at what an incredible and powerful technique it is. I truly feel that Zone Balancing is a direct connection with our etheral blueprint which is PERFECT. The body is designed to heal, to rejuvenate. It wants to be perfect. We are designed to live in an anabolic state of metabolism (I believe up to the age of 120), where old cells are being replaced rapidly by new healthy cells thus prolonging the state of catabolic metabolism (aging). Today people are entering catabolic metabolism before they are out of their 20’s (due to poor diet, toxins, stress etc)….Through programming the signals in the feet and triggering them to function, we can boost every cell system in the body and start to reprogram our DNA to remember how to be PERFECT and to heal. By triggering the pressure points (signals) in the feet we remind the body to flow in the homeostatic order it is meant to flow, removing blockages and opening the pathways so that we can help all aspects of our health- Mental, Physical, Emotional, and Spiritual… We can, along with proper nutrition and supplementation, sustain the metabolic state of metabolism and live stronger, healthier, and stay younger longer I feel very thankful that I know Zone Balancing. I feel that it was something that I was meant to learn and have within my being.

Star Jensen