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Just Released! Online Home Foot Zone Course

Learn to zone your child’s feet! This will give you the ability to help connect with your child in a way you never thought possible! As you sit at their feet, helping to balance their spiritual, emotional, physical, and mental well-being.

This knowledge of how to complete a simple foot zone will become a tool that you can use again and again throughout your child’s life to care for them.

Go at your own pace and memorize the zone so you can take foot zoning where ever you and your family are.

In this course, you get:

  • 90-page Course Book – with detailed directions on how to navigate the child’s zone. This has been designed and approved by the master zone therapist, Jeanne Harold, owner of the School of Zone Restoration.
    -including help & suggestions for your child’s condition throughout the body areas
    -help in caring for mothers, especially when nursing
    -home remedies and recommendations for children’s most frequent ailments
  • Step by Step Instructional Videos to accompany your zone book diagrams through QR codes
  • Additional Videos to spot treat and learn more about what zoning can do for you
  • An online forum for students of this course to learn together, interact, and get continued guidance from Jeanne
  • Lifetime access to these materials (Priceless!)

We look forward to seeing you on the course!

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Emotional Health & Our Spiritual Self

Emotional Health

There is energy in our thoughts and emotions. The strong feelings we experience are vital to total health. They are the building blocks that make us who we are and affect our whole state of being.. These emotions are normal and healthy when they are allowed to flow freely. Emotion is energy in motion. Our emotions are influenced by our every action, word, or thought. “Whatsoever a man thinketh, so is he.” Our bodies, as well as our minds, are storehouses of memory. Negative emotions, whether they are held or expressed, drain our power reserves. Continuous negative thinking and speaking give way to behaviors where emotions such as hate or anger can actually ‘canker the soul’. Deep breathing plays a vital role in complete health. Shallow breathing can interfere with our flow of emotion. “Take a deep breath and count to ten,” and make a habit out of breathing deeply. Low blood-energy levels, that tired, sluggish feeling can lead to a loss vitality and depression. Negative emotions have been found to change the body’s chemistry from a preferred alkaline state to one that is acidic.

We must think and speak positive ideas. Positive thoughts create light, wispy feelings, while negative thoughts trigger a sense of disaffection or gloom. When we proclaim negative statements such as “I can’t…”, “I’m sick and tired…”, “I hate…” or “I’m afraid…” we burden ourselves with a negative spirit. So often we cannot see the damage negativity causes. We need to be aware of these patterns, so that we can allow change. We need to listen to what we are saying. We establish our own limits by our sub-conscious belief system. Our emotions continue to have power over us until they are released and/or redirected. Either overt or hidden thoughts can be revised. When we are able to recognize and change, those negative feelings are released and healing begins. The body and the mind communicate not only through thought but what we verbalize. Expressions like “that’s a pain in the neck” or “my heart is breaking”, or “I just love it to death” hinder emotional health and create an imbalance. By monitoring our speech, we can eliminate body-weakening thoughts. Anxiety can lead to fear and will be compounded by conflict. Sadness can continue to resurface when grief is held and depression will grow when we lose hope and our outlook is obscured.

Forgiveness is a big step to wellness. To embrace healing, it is important for us to forgive, both ourselves and others. Learning forgiveness frees us from destructive behavior and opens the door to well-being. Our emotions can be passed from generation to generation. By identifying and releasing false ideas and traumatic life experiences, we step toward true inner peace. When we come to the realization, of who we are and why we are here, we begin to learn happiness. “Ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.” Often, we live in a state of denial. It takes fortitude to recognize the truth and to make the necessary corrections in our lives. This requires prayer and deep soul-searching.

It is necessary to release emotion in a positive way. Emotions are stored throughout the body, in corresponding muscles and organs. Emotional stress can be felt in the stomach and intestines. It can alter the size of our arteries and affect the blood flow. So often, distressful moments bring on stomach or a headache. Positive emotions can help the immune system in its battle against disease. We must work out our emotions to allow wellness. ZoneBalance can assist in relieving emotional distress. Emotions only become a problem when they are not acted upon or held onto longer than necessary.

Occasionally, we experience sadness, anger, fear and frustration. These feelings can be stored, and will continue to work within us. Usually these unexpressed feelings will eventually come to the surface. An example could be sadness, expressed by tears. Whether the tears are released or not, they still exist. When our sadness is unexpressed, tears stay inside and the body swells, and can actually cause us to gain weight. Repressed anger and frustration can lead to violent acts, just as fear and depression can lead to reclusiveness or worse yet suicide. Harbored hate tends to promote internal rage then disease. Our emotions directly affect our physical health. We can be in control our thoughts. We can enjoy well-being, both mental and physical health. The process in relatively simple in concept and very possible if we chose to live the laws of these blessings.

Realizing Our Spiritual Self

Our bodies are dual beings, meaning that they are made up of both a physical body and a spirit. Our spirit is of divine origin and our physical body is of the earth. If we can understand this principle, life’s experiences begin to have purpose. Once we come to realize our divine nature, we are able to build confidence, and motivation, and increase our understanding. There can come a change in our countenance and light seems to illuminate from our being. Our thoughts and actions make us who we are and who we are becoming. Just as our temporal body is subject to this world, our spirit is sensitive to spiritual laws. Learning, understanding, and living these principles brings the balance we all seek. Eternal laws regulate our existence. We easily understand the consequences of physical laws such as gravity or the laws of physical well-being. Just as vital, are the laws of spiritual health. When we live in harmony with these universal laws, we can claim a celestial peace and wellness. When we break these laws, darkness enters our spirit, actually causing confusion in the way the spirit and physical body relate with one another.

Our bodies were created on the same principles that the entire universe was created. As one galaxy rotates in perfect harmony about another, and stars and planets perform their assigned tasks so it is in our world and in our bodies. Chaos can appear in the cosmos when law is broken. Our spiritual and physical bodies work in similar patterns down to the protons and neutrons rotating in their assigned revolutions. Disease or an unhealthy spirit appear when chaos is introduced. This confusion may be introduced by exposure to environmental hazzards, a poor diet, sin or any combination of lawbreaking factors. It is important to seek out and nurture the spiritual gifts. Love is a spiritual gift. Unconditional love or true charity is a godly trait. When we carry fear or hate, our minds are clouded and our spiritual connection is weakened. Developing a sense of reverence frees us from addictive and destructive behavior. Faith is another of the spiritual gifts that brings healing and peace of mind. The realization that there is someone greater than us who is in control and cares about us, affords us that calm, stable feeling. There is power in faith that taps into a force greater than our own.

Healing begins with forgiveness and a godly sorrow for the wrongs we have committed. Love will take seed and grow to encompass our whole being. Forgiveness is a conscious choice to open ourselves to the truth of who we are. Anytime we can eliminate a falsehood in our lives, we make room for light and allow it to enter into our hearts and minds. We must learn to see the good and be tolerant of others. Unconditional love and faith serve as keys to open the doors to progression. We cannot love others until we love ourselves. We must love ourselves enough to not allow ourselves to become victims. We sometimes make ourselves the victim by carrying with us the wrongs others have committed against us. We must learn to forgive and move on.

We are spiritual beings in a physical body. Our potential is limited only by the darkness we allow into our systems. When we walk in the light, when we take in only truth, our countenances will literally shine. At this point, we begin to claim our divine potential and experience true joy.

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Connect with Jeanne & OwningMyHealth

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