“As she holds your foot and rubs around, she has the ability to tell you more about your body, past health issues and its current state more than any doctor will ever tell you about your health. This woman, some would say, is a miracle worker, I would say that is not far off. Jeanne has laid the strongest Zoneology foundation in the world. Her global impact continues to grow.”

Andrea Riggs, Puerto Rico

“I thought it was going to be a foot massage. Little did I know that when there is a problem, there is also pain involved that tells you there is a problem. I came away with a greater appreciation of what she could do for me. I am healthy today because of what she does.  After being zoned three times in a row, I found that I had no problems at all. I would go for a tune-up every 6 months. It is real, it is worth every penny you spend, and the way it makes you feel is worth everything.”

Steve Anderson, SLC

“Jeanne Harold is a Master Zoner who has zoned for more than 22 years and she knows about the Vitamins, and Minerals and all other things your body needs. She will lead you to the best remedies for all of your health needs, you will feel cared for when you leave her home. Jeanne is my number ONE pick when it comes to a Zone Therapist as well as an overall healer. Go to her and you will not be disappointed!”

AnnMarie Petersen, Idaho Falls

“I had had my feet zoned before by another individual, and although that individual had the best of intentions, it felt more like a foot massage and that the zoner was just going through the motions as quickly as possible. Understandably, I was a little skeptical to meet with another foot zoner based on my experiences to that point, but we were ready to try anything that might help keep me alive.  The minute Jeanne started, I knew something was way different about her! I was completely amazed by her understanding of the body and how in tune she was with mine! Almost like she was able to talk to my organs and understand exactly what was taking place throughout my body! Jeanne kept me informed about what she was doing and the areas of my body she was working on every step of the way.

Noah Kelsch, Utah

“I have been zoned many times over the years and felt the sweet healing that has come through being zoned. Not only me, but it has also been of great benefit for my husband and children.  I feel a strength and calming to my inner soul as I am in her presence. She is a gift! While she is zoning, she is totally connected to that individual. I have seen peoples’ lives change after their zoning experience. She has calmed fretful babies; given hope to parents by calming their fears. As parents have put those recommendations from Jeanne into practice, they have seen miracles. She gives hope and inspiration to those who are seeking relief both physically and spiritually.”

Lisha Truman, Las Vegas

“I am a registered nurse and practice in the hospital setting in Pediatrics and the Adult ICU. I have always considered myself a “traditionalist” and although I accepted that there were alternative methods of treatment I saw them as “way down the list.”  Then one of my friends had a heart arrhythmia that we tried to correct using every medical treatment available to her without effect. We decided since nothing was working maybe we could just try this method as it couldn’t hurt and maybe it would have some effect. Jeanne was that foot zonologist. She “popped” the heart back into rhythm. I was impressed. That was measurable. That could not just happen. I saw it for myself. I decided I needed to learn more. So I took the classes to become a zone therapist from Jeanne Harold. I was able to take my medical knowledge and use it to understand the zone therapy techniques. More importantly I could combine the two therapies of zone therapy and traditional medicine.  People often ask me how I can do both traditional treatment and this alternative treatment. The main response is that what I have learned in traditional medicine is confirmed by what I have learned and feel in zone balance, and I can explain zone balance in medical terms. They go together.  The point is to know when each is appropriate.

Susan Walker, Utah