Foot Zoning

What is Zoning?


Zoning is a simple and effective method utilizing the feet’s natural signal system to establish balance, to raise the life energy and to renew the cells in the body.

How Does It Work?

A complex signal system located in the feet connects to every organ and cell in the body. The signal system is a connecting link between the various facets of the body. These facets are referred to as the physical, emotional, mental and etheric bodies. The etheric body, also called the memory body, contains the body’s original blueprint of perfection and carries the memory of how to build a perfect cell. Zoning uses this signal system to reconnect with the etheric blueprint and correct, balance, and renew the body’s entire cell system. This means that each cell knows how to renew itself. This is the basis for all healing.

In addition to renewing our cell systems, rejuvenating our life energy and bringing the body into balance, Zoning can be used to assess the body’s current state of health.

The relationship between the foot and the body can be likened to the relationship between a computer keyboard and the computer itself. Signals are sent from the keyboard to the computer. The signal system in the feet instantaneously registers and conveys all occurrences that have a negative effect on the body. This includes the intake of unsuitable foods, environmental pollution, work related stress, chemical or heavy metal poisoning, emotional disturbances and accidents. The Zoning rejuvenist observes the foot and interprets the “messages” it conveys through discoloration, spots, tenderness and pain.

Even though particular disturbances may have been detected, zoning always stimulates every organ and renews the cell system in each treatment. Zoning is a holistic approach which recognizes that all of the body’s cells and organs make up one giant, complex, interactive organism. Partial treatments only address symptoms and may cause new disturbances.

Zoning does not utilize tools or instruments, and follows a highly-developed method for each complete session. All of the body’s systems are addressed. These systems are balanced individually and in relation to each other.

Where did Zoning originate?

Zoning in some form has been practiced for thousands of years and has come and gone with the rise and fall of various civilizations. Hieroglyphs depicting this therapy have been found in Egypt, and ancient paintings from India reveal that Zoning was used to promote health and well being.

The modern history of Zoning begins with Dr. William Fitzgerald, born in 1876, who developed a theory which described the “Ten Invisible Electric Circuits in the Body”. Dr. Fitzgerald’s work was documented and named Zone Therapy. Other doctors and practitioners such as Eunice Ingham Stopfel wrote books and developed charts for what has come to be known as Reflexology.

In the 1950’s, a Norwegian by the name of Dr. Charles Ersdal was cured from paralysis by the use of Reflexology. He started to do intense research on this method and determined that consistent health resulted from treating the whole body in its entirety at each session. He found that the body would consistently respond as a dynamic interrelated organism rather than as separate symptomatic parts.


Katri Nordblom was trained by Dr. Ersdal and began to spread and teach this method in Sweden. In the spring of 1989 Katri and her husband Hans brought Zone Therapy to the United States.

Jeanne Harold trained under both Dr. Ersdal and Katri. She has been a Zoneologist for over 22 years now and teaches the  Zoning philosophy.

Who Can Benefit From Getting a Zone?

Your feet become the mouse, your brain the computer.

Everyone.  People of all ages and in every occupation can enjoy these benefits.   It can benefit those who have suffered from illness or injury.

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Can I learn to Zone?

Of course you can!  By learning Zoning, you can help others to enjoy full and more active lives. We believe that zoning helps build a strong immune response, prevent disease, and increase longevity and youthfulness.  Jeanne’s Zone Restoration School would be honored to help you in your journey to become a zoneologist.