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Know Your Instructor

We are so grateful you have been led to the incredible modality of Foot Zoning!

In selecting a Foot Zone School we recommend you do your homework. Since its introduction to the United States there have been many adaptations, break-offs, and not all foot zones are created equally. We invite you to schedule a zone with Jeanne and take note of what you experience and the changes that occur.

Zone Restoration’s Origin

The School of Zone Restoration is built upon fundamentals passed directly to Jeanne from Dr. Charles Ersdal over 30 years ago. Jeanne was among the first class Ersdahl and Katri taught in the United States and is one of only 3 of those who have continued to zone.

Jeanne mentored with Katri Nordblom and taught hundreds for her school for 13 years. She was led around the country zoning thousands – building upon those foundations and continually learning and adding to the zone she now offers to you.

In choosing to train with us you will learn all about the body and its systems and will be given access to tools that will:

  • Empower you as a healer
  • Provide you with the highest level of Zoning knowledge
  • Progress through any limiting beliefs
  • Gain the support of a Zoneology network that is there to serve you in your greatest calling
  • Give you options for continued growth and rejuvenating practices to keep you healthy, strong, and happy

Certification Course

The certification you receive will give you the needed requirements to register with the Utah Foot Zone Association to be licensed to zone and charge for your foot zoning services.

In this course, you get:

  • A Body Systems book – that teaches you the 6 main body systems and how they connect with Jeanne’s zone instruction. Anatomy and Physiology Training – this will be primarily online – along with which you will have lifetime access to.
  • Detailed navigation pages of instruction on how the zone is properly done
  • Video tutorial of Jeanne zoning
  • Face-to-Face classes with Jeanne where you will learn and practice the entire zone with her coaching and guidance.
  • In addition – you will learn the disturbances that can be discovered in zoning as well as recommendations to assist in healing.
    -including a day of fermentation classes
    -home remedies and more!
  • Tuition also gives you a private detailing foot zone session with the instructor

For the Home Course

Go at your own pace and memorize the zone so you can take foot zoning where ever you and your family are.

In this course, you get:

  • 90-page Course Book – with detailed directions on how to navigate the child’s zone. This has been designed and approved by the master zone therapist, Jeanne Harold, owner of the School of Zone Restoration.
    -including help & suggestions for your child’s condition throughout the body areas
    -help for caring for mothers, especially when nursing
    -home remedies and recommendations for children’s most frequent ailments
  • Step by Step Instructional Videos to accompany your zone book diagrams through QR codes
  • Additional Videos to spot treat and learn more about what zoning can do for you
  • An online forum for students of this course to learn together, interact and get continued guidance from Jeanne
  • Lifetime access to these materials (Priceless!)

Questions and Answers

Training Schedule

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